Why share your success story

Share a success story

We are looking for inspiring stories of academic, artistic and athletic achievements from our fellow parents and students.

Watchpeer connects families who have raised successful undergraduate students to current high school teens in the process of developing their skills and seeking information about the admissions process.

Passion is contagious. And when we find someone who is passionate about the same thing, their enthusiasm rubs off on others interacting with them. Senior students with the same interests and knowledge as your child also have a real-life perspective to share with us.

We are exploring meaningful interactions with families to show us how they handled challenges while raising fearless but kind students. How did you unlock your child’s potential and nurture their passions towards future success.

Please join us to build this community of students, parents, and teachers demonstrating examples of leadership, strength, guidance, and responsibility. Living by a good example and sharing your message encourages many families. We can learn something new or see a particular situation from a different perspective.

To parents who have found creative and original ways to nurture your kid’s talents, please share your story and create a positive impact on other families. You can be a parent, teacher, mentor, family friend or a fellow student to suggest an inspiring student story. We hope to gain from the wisdom you learned along the way.

Please share your success story on our online form here

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